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Archaeological User Story

The video demonstrated the different techniques of collaborative analysis tools developed in the 3D-Pitoti project. Archaeologists from England and Italy are working together at the 3D Pitoti Scientists’ Lab in Weimar, using the 3D-Data acquired and processed by the 3D-Pitoti Scanner and the 3D-Pitoti pipeline. They are using different tools, such as the Multi-User 3D Tabletop, the Power Wall, Virtual Photography and more to discuss archaeological questions.

Valcamonica Flyover

The video was created with a real-time visualization demonstrator showing the valley, individual rocks and a detailed scene at corresponding resolution levels. The full dataset used here involves four billion measurement points with 3D location and color information. In the proximity of the village Capo di Ponte, there we find the rock named Seradina 12. Approximately 1000 figures have already been found on its surface. The hunting scene has been pecked into the stone during the iron age. The lines defining the hunter’s spear and shield are barely a millimeter wide. These so called filiforms have been realized with scratching techniques.

Ground Truth Annotation Webtool

This video is a screencast of the ground truth annotation web tool developed in the 3D-PITOTI project. It features the segmentation of single figures in large 2D-tracings and their annotation according to multiple typologies. Multi-user functionality and multi-annotation of uncertain figures increases data confidence. It is easily accessible with a modern web browser and the data is stored centrally on a server. Together with a figure grouping function, statistical reports and multiple export formats it is a tool with great potential for use in future research.

Valcamonica Scanning

This video demonstrates the various scanning techniques used at Seradina 12.

These videos are only a selection of the videos produced during the 3D-Pitoti Project. For more videos visit the 3D-Pitoti Vimeo channel.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 600545.

In collaboration and by permission of the Ministero dei beni e delle attività cultural e del turismo, Soprintendenza Archeologia della Lombardia.

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